Enterprise-grade platform,
Better features than ever,
Yet amazingly affordable!

Compatible with:   Linux, MacOS X, Windows, and more.
Collaba is an easy-to-install, double-click-to-run, server software that provides integrated services such as:
e-mail, calendaring, files & documents, assignments, blogs, multimedia chat, forums, bookmarks, web publishing, wiki, single sign-on, LDAP, developer APIs, and much more.   
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New prices!

While releasing Collaba 11, SYPECom also completely revised its pricing list for all Collaba produits. Discover the new low prices on the "Purchase" page!

Collaba 11

After more than 17 years of developing the Collaba product line, SYPECom maintains its strategy of ongoing improvement and enhancement of its Collaba platform by unveiling version 11.

This update includes numerous improvements and is simultaneously available for all Collaba products.

Visit www.collaba.com to get this update today!

Read about the features...

The What is Collaba? section of this web site includes a lot of information about the Collaba server software and what you can do with it.

Try a demo account...

One of the best ways to get a feeling of what Collaba can do is to get a demo account on one of our Collaba servers. Click here to request a free demo account.

Get a trial server...

To push your research a bit further, why not get a get a free Collaba trial server and install it on your computer. Click here to request a free trial server.

Buy on-line

Once you are ready to install your very own Collaba environment, visit our Online store to select and purchase a Collaba product that meets your needs.

What's new?

Collaba 11 features a lot of under-the-hood enhancements and improvements.

License keys for version 11

Collaba 11 requires the same new license key format as Collaba 10. If you currently hold valid licenses for versions of Collaba prior to 10.0 and that your support package includes the Collaba 11 upgrade, please contact us before upgrading so we can issue free new Collaba 11 license keys.

Upgrading from version 9

If you are upgrading from Collaba 9 or earlier, please make sure you read the Migrating Collaba section of the Administration Manual before upgrading.